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Here you can find a collection of our most-asked questions by potential clients.

Can you work in our office?

Yes! If you are based in Pembrokeshire, Wales then we are happy to work from your office space when possible.

When will my virtual assistant be available to contact?

Our general working hours are 8:30am to 05:00pm Monday to Friday, but a number of our VAs work outside of these to fit in with their work-life balance and wellbeing. So you might get a reply over the weekend, or in the evening from time to time.

Can I carry over hours that I don't use to the next month?

If you are using our retainer service long-term, then absolutely yes, we are more than happy to discuss carrying hours over to the next month if we haven't used them all. If you are buying a one-off retainer package, then unfortunately we are unable to carry over any remaining hours to a future purchase.

Is hiring a VA a cost-effective solution for me?

Virtual Assistants work on an "as-needed" basis, meaning you only pay for the hours they have spent directly on work tasks, as opposed to how many hours their work day is. They have their own equipment and insurance too.

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