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Why Use A Virtual Assistant?

Firstly, what is a virtual assistant?


A virtual assistant is an individual that works remotely, often from their home office setup, with a variety of individuals and businesses across the country. The majority of virtual assistants have a broad background in a variety of industries, with a vast skill set.


They can assist you with business development, social media, marketing and administrative tasks, amongst other things. They can be a great way for you to free up your time to do what's most important to you, leaving anything else to them to get on with.

Here are my top five reasons as to why you should be using a virtual assistant to build your business:

Virtual assistants are usually self-employed so you don't have to worry about employee inductions, training and associated expenses to do with having an employee.



Virtual assistants will save you so much time! They can take on those everyday essential tasks that you don't have time for/don't want to do because you're busy growing your business.



Virtual assistants are flexible and can work around your schedule and what your business needs, to provide you support when you need it the most. Meaning, you only pay for the time they have spent on the tasks you have given them to do, and they can even work outside of business hours if needed (bonus!).



Because of the way that virtual assistants work, they are highly motivated and focused on getting the job done, meaning that in their standard 8 hour day - while the average UK office worker does a little less than three hours of actual productive work - these heroes’ outputs are over double that statistic at least.



Virtual assistants can specialise in specific areas of business. So you could have a specific project that you wanted help with on a one-time basis, and you would be able to find a virtual assistant that matches the needs of that project, without needing to worry about any further work. They are used to working on short-term projects, which is perfect if you have a specific project that you need support with for a short amount of time.


Find out more about how a virtual assistant can help you here:

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